Hi. I'm Laura.


I love technology, people, and turning ideas into reality.

I help organizations ideate new technologies, develop products, and grow communities of users.

About Laura

I am a spirited, authentic, hard-working professional. I love research and learning about new technologies - machine learning, natural language processing, automation, analytics, and tools that help with self-care + mental health.  I’m a fierce advocate for women in tech and the power of building a community of mentors, cheerleaders and champions to drive progress.

I am a storyteller. Technologies are complex. Oftentimes, multi-disciplinary teams struggle to articulate the value of what they’re designing and building. I roll up my sleeves and partner with these teams to develop value propositions and write and present the story.

I am a listener, and it starts by building trust in relationships with people of all backgrounds and positions. I do this by asking the right questions. By empathizing and spending a day in the life of my customer or client, I gain an imaginative understanding of their problems and frustrations. This framework allows me to identify technologies, tools and processes that solve the customer’s problem and bring a team together to deliver a solution.

I seek win-win partnerships. I explore potential corporate partnership opportunities to identify the strengths of each party that will correspondingly fill in any gaps the two have as individuals parties.

We believe that ideas only become great when they are challenged and tested.

- Ed Catmull, Creativity Inc.



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